Our aim is to encourage active Christian unity and to strongly follow the principle of only doing separately what we cannot achieve together.

The General Hospital

Gloucester Street

St Helier


Overdale Hospital


St Helier


St Saviour's Hospital

(including Orchard House)

La Route de la Hougue Bie

St Saviour


The Hollies Day Centre

Rue Hilgrove

Gorey Village



Revd. Maureen Turner (Anglican)

Revd. Tracy Le C Bromley (part time) (Anglican)

There is also a Chaplaincy support team with representatives from the main Christian denominations and other faith representatives.

The Chaplains operate an on-call service 24 hours a day Monday to Friday and in emergencies.

The Chaplaincy Department

The Chaplains

What do hospital Chaplains offer?

Services at the General Hospital

Holy Communion - Monday - 10.00 am

We regularly take Holy Communion round the wards.

Services at the General Hospital

Anglican & Free Church

Roman Catholic

Roman Catholics will have Communion brought to them on request by the Catholic Chaplain or special Minister of the Eucharist during the week.

Details of any additional service will be on the notice board outside the chapel.

Services Elsewhere

Services can be held in all other units on request.

The Chaplains’ Office

This is situated on the second floor of the General Hospital next to the Chapel in order that people can easily contact the chaplains.

The Hospital Chapel

This is situated on the second floor of the General Hospital. From the Parade entrance take the lift to the second floor and follow the signs to the Chapel. The Chapel is open every day until 8.00 pm and can be opened on request by contacting the Porters who are situated at the Parade entrance.

Memorial Books of Remembrance

There are two books, one for adults and one for babies. These are administered by the Chaplain and can be found outside the Chapel area on the second floor of the General Hospital.

A Waiting Room Psalm

I give thanks to you, O God, for you are good

And your love is everlasting.

You have rescued me from being lost,

And helped me to find my way.

And here amid the comings and goings,

Be with me as I listen for my name.

For you have known my name from before time began,

And I trust that, whatever befalls,

I am precious in your sight.

And so I place my hope in your power to behold,

Your eye to watch,

Your ear to hear my need,

Your peace to still my fears,

Your wisdom when the doctor speaks,

Your word to give me speech,

Your hand to guide, Your shield to protect,

Your strength to guard and comfort me,

For we are held in your eternal love,

Now and for evermore.


Sandybrook Residential

Home & Day Centre

Sandybrook Lane

St Lawrence


The Willows Day Centre

Green Street

St Helier


The Diner

St James Street

St Helier