Our aim is to encourage active Christian unity and to strongly follow the principle of only doing separately what we cannot achieve together.

Christian Life Community (C.L.C.)

Our local communities are small, with usually no more than eight to a group. Many of our groups are ecumenical and meet regularly in order to develop friendship and community spirit by praying and working together, helping and supporting each other in our Christian faith and daily lives.

Two or three times a year the local groups meet together for a Quiet Day/Half Day. On some occasions these are open to the wider Island Christian community.

For more information please contact Evelyne Maloret at evelynemaloret1@hotmail.co.uk

“Praying your life and living your prayer”

C.L.C. is an international Lay association, rooted in the teachings of St Ignatius of Loyola, made up of individuals who seek to follow Christ more closely in all aspects of life.