Our aim is to encourage active Christian unity and to strongly follow the principle of only doing separately what we cannot achieve together.

How did the project begin?

Since January 2002 small groups have been going in to Jersey Primary Schools with the simple object of telling the children Bible stories. The primary resource for this project has been the The Lion Storyteller Bible whose re-telling of some of the most well-known Bible stories has been at just the right level.

The typical presentation normally centres around sharing a story from The Lion Storyteller Bible. This is ‘topped and tailed’ with a short introduction to the story, a simple prayer - often as little as two or three sentences - and a song. Songs with actions are very popular and the children normally join in.

Groups are often inter-denominational and some have been associated with ‘their’ school or schools for most of the life of the project. Over time each group has built on the original Lion Storyteller Bible text and developed their own style. The most common model is for a narrator to tell the story and other participants act it out as a tableau taking on the speaking parts of the main characters. A substantial collection of props which are available to all groups adds to the effect.

This, however, is by no means the only way of telling the stories: one group makes quite extensive use of puppets for which they have written their own scripts; another ‘group’ consists of a single storyteller; fuzzy-felt pictures and projected images have also been used.

In 2014, as this project was rolled out nationally by the Bible Society under the name ‘Open the Book’, the Jersey groups found that they had grown and developed their material somewhat beyond the model the Bible Society was promoting. After some discussion it was decided that our future was in a separate structure under the auspices of CTJ and we took the name ‘Open the Door’.

Bible Storytelling in Jersey Primary Schools

We are always in need of more volunteers either as a permanent member of a team or a 'flexy' person to cover holidays. Why not give it a go for a term or pop along to one of our presentations to see what we do? If you cannot commit to being involved at this time, please remember the project in your prayers.

If you would like more information about the project please contact:

Robin Dupré

Telephone: 07797 842045